Wednesday, February 8, 2012

my top 5 snacks!

1. Suzie's rice thin cakes

I owe this find to my boss, they fit perfectly in the girls lunch boxes and work great for peanut butter and jellies! They are gluten, fat, and sugar free AND only 54 calories for 3! I too love to eat them with peanut butter & jelly or some spicy hummus! 

2.  Persian cucumbers with salt & olive oil

I owe this one to the family I nanny for as well, the girls LOVE this snack, they call them slimeys :) Just grab some persian cucumbers, slice 'em, add a splash of olive oil, a dash of salt, and shake! These are so simple, yummy, and good for you! 
A win win win!

3. Terra sweets and beets chips

A serving of these chips is equal to a serving of vegetables and they are delish! crunchy, sweet, salty, what more could you need? They also have a bunch of different varieties. My only advice is don't eat an entire bag and forget about it, you will be very surprised when you go to the bathroom. yikes.

4. Edamame

Otherwise known as a soybean, edamame is rich in protein, fiber, omega 3's and much more! It's super easy to make and you can buy it frozen so you always have it on hand! you can eat it plain (hot or cold) OR top it with a little salt, soy sauce, or for the wild ones - sriracha! 

5. Popcorn!

Save the best for last right?! I'm a little conflicted with this one because I do not share popcorn nor do I treat it as a snack, I eat the whole bowl!! In its natural form, popped popcorn is 93 calories for 3 cups, so it's a pretty good deal. But if you're buying packaged popcorn (yellow dye alert) or overdoing it on the salt & butter (guilty!), then no it's not so good. Next time you make popcorn, try something different: maybe sprinkle a little garlic & parmesan, or cumin & cayenne, or soy sauce? I heard Farrah from Teen Mom likes it haha :) 

snack on! 

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