Friday, December 30, 2011

new year, new spices!

New Year's resolutions, everyone has one. Among the most common: eating healthier, working out more, saving money. Statistically after the first 6 months, only 46% of people are actually upholding their resolutions. 

Last year, I decided to go with "eating healthier" and ditched gluten and dairy. I also wanted to try to buy more organic and local products. Overall, I think I've done pretty well (with the exception of a few food benders I went on):) I've tried a lot of new recipes, learned a lot about cooking, and expanded my 5 year old taste palette. 

At the beginning of 2011 I was looking around my kitchen and noticed that I've had the exact same spice rack since I moved to San Francisco, 4 years ago! So I decided to throw the entire thing away and start out fresh. I went to our local organic produce market and stocked up on the usuals: italian seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic, chili flakes, cinnamon, etc. Then throughout the year, I would collect different spices as they would come up in a recipe. My spice rack is above and beyond what it was in the beginning of the year, and this is definitely a part of my new years resolution that I've stuck with all year long. Hey at least when I sit down to a giant plate of nachos, it was cooked with organic taco seasoning! haha

simply organic

spicely organic
(these are my favorite, they have tons of varieties and offer deals through their website

spicely organic also makes a line of spices that come in little boxes, I put them in small mason jars and labeled them with chalkboard labels. love it!

and last but certainly not least, my new vintage inspired measuring spoons! so very excited about these! thanks Krissy!

have a happy and healthy new year! 


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Thursday, December 15, 2011

love and other drugs.

There is a particular situation that happens to me more often than you would think, and it goes a little something like this: 

(at a bar)
guy: hey you from around here?
me: yeah I lived here for five years. you?
guy: oh yeah born and raised, went away for college, but I just love the city (or something lame like that). What do you do?
me: I'm a nanny.
guy: Oh wow that's sounds fun. 
(other random questions about my job) 
...I'm in pharmaceutical sales.

and that's where I begin a long rant that makes this guy wish he never talked to me. 

Why do I hate guys in pharmaceutical sales? First of all, the way they say it. It's like they think they're cool because they do it, maybe because they make good money? I don't know because none of them have ever offered to buy me a drink, then again who would after my verbal abuse. haha.

But really the real reason I can't stand them is far deeper than their bad pick up lines. They're real pushers, drug pushers (think Mean Girls haha). Ok, but seriously, my brother was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 and has been on countless medications since, I don't even think we have a running total. On top of all that, he's a five time cancer survivor and has diabetes. I can't help but think that all of the medication he has been on is to blame all of this. 

My brother has been on an anti depressant medication called Abilify. Recently, it was decided that he go off of it. Yes, his behavior sucks, but it has for awhile now. What also happened is his blood sugar stabilized. Come to find out, Abilify causes an increase in blood sugar and can lead to diabetes. 

Being the master in Google that I am, I did a little research. Not only does Abilify cause issues with blood sugar, but it also lowers your white blood cell count (immune system). My brother had lymphoma, cancer of the lymph nodes aka. a pretty big part of your immune system. I also found out that Abilify was only approved for people with Autism in 2009. I don't know the date of when he started taking it, but if it was in 2009 he definitely already had cancer and diabetes. So I can't say if the medication caused these issues, but I can darn well tell you that it couldn't have helped the situation.

I always had a hunch that the medications had something to do with his poor health, and sure enough, we now have a prime example. I know that Abilify has only been around about 10 years and maybe they were not aware of the side effects when he was put on it. I also know that after all that he has been through, you want to try anything and everything that has the potential to help him. I don't have all the answers. All we know now is that his blood sugar is more stable and easier to control, and we are all receiving emails from him about all the foods he is going to eat now. He seriously should be the next Willy Wonka.

I know that not all medications are bad and that a lot of them do help people. 

and I don't hate all pharmacuetical reps, doctors, or people in the medical field. 

Just always wear your critical thinking cap, don't be afraid to ask questions, get second opinions, do your research. be continued.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

children are our future!

ok so I know this posts around this time should be all about Christmas and holiday recipes, but I've been on a veggie cleanse and I'm not very fun right now! 

However, I've been dying to share some kid friendly non gluten free but very healthy products with you! If you've followed my other posts, you know that I have the taste buds/diet of an average five year old, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese; so I'm all about finding a healthy way to do it.

1. Green Chopsticks Potstickers 

These are so great! quick, simple, and you can eat a lot of them for very little calories! I eat these with a cup of brown rice, some gluten free soy sauce, siracha, & call it lunch! The girls I nanny love them too! Great way incorporate other types of food into your kid's diet.

2. Earth's Best Chicken Nuggets

I always have these in my freezer! First of all they're baked, not fried like other chicken nuggets, so they have less fat. They also have a whole grain breading and are only 120 calories for 4 nuggets! I love making these with a side of broccoli for a solo dinner when the manfriend is at soccer late. Nevermind that they say they're best for kids ages 2-4. haha

3. Peas of Mind Fries

So I lied, there is one gluten free item on this list. These bad boys are also dairy free, fat free, egg free, soy free, and vegan. We tried the cauliflower variety because I figured it looked most like a regular french fry. The girls loved them. To a kid, a fry's a fry and theres no way they're turning it down. However I thought they were a little bland; if I were to serve them to adults, I would spice them up and toss in some fresh garlic and seasonings!

Of all places, I was pleasantly surprised to find this product at Safeway! Peas of Mind carries other great healthy products as well, click here for website.

There are so many easy, affordable, tasty products out there for kids these days, there is no reason why your child should be eat cheetos and drinking koolaid. This is one of biggest pet peeves. Healthy eating habits start early, do your kids favor that will last a life time. 

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Friday, December 9, 2011

love from my fans!!

After my last post, a few of my amazing supporters sent me some photos I would love to share:

Dear Kendra, I love your blog and, even though I'm 'nearly' a family member, I submit this photo to your contest. We 'boys' are going all out to get our sustenance from the source. 

Here is my lovely sister holding a copy of Natural Solutions Magazine with an article about sneaky sources of gluten. 

haha I love it :)

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

it's official!! we have over 1,000 views!

I recently decided to have a contest through my facebook page asking people to take a funny picture using either a recipe or a product that I've recommended; the winner would receive a free natural set of food coloring, an $18.99 value. 

I don't think it's fair that I give this gift to one of my family members (the only entries received), so I want to change things up a little bit. Here's what I need you to do: 

send me either a comment, private message, or photo about:

  • something you've learned
  • something you hate about this blog
  • if you think I'm a total nut job
  • if something on this blog has changed your mind about buying a product 
  • if you are reading more food labels 
  • anything!

When I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing or where it would lead me to. And while 1,000 views is a huge personal accomplishment for me, I can't help but wonder what people are getting from this or why they are reading it. 

If this works, I'll throw the names into a hat and draw a name for the winner! 

Thank you for all your support!

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