Monday, December 12, 2011

children are our future!

ok so I know this posts around this time should be all about Christmas and holiday recipes, but I've been on a veggie cleanse and I'm not very fun right now! 

However, I've been dying to share some kid friendly non gluten free but very healthy products with you! If you've followed my other posts, you know that I have the taste buds/diet of an average five year old, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese; so I'm all about finding a healthy way to do it.

1. Green Chopsticks Potstickers 

These are so great! quick, simple, and you can eat a lot of them for very little calories! I eat these with a cup of brown rice, some gluten free soy sauce, siracha, & call it lunch! The girls I nanny love them too! Great way incorporate other types of food into your kid's diet.

2. Earth's Best Chicken Nuggets

I always have these in my freezer! First of all they're baked, not fried like other chicken nuggets, so they have less fat. They also have a whole grain breading and are only 120 calories for 4 nuggets! I love making these with a side of broccoli for a solo dinner when the manfriend is at soccer late. Nevermind that they say they're best for kids ages 2-4. haha

3. Peas of Mind Fries

So I lied, there is one gluten free item on this list. These bad boys are also dairy free, fat free, egg free, soy free, and vegan. We tried the cauliflower variety because I figured it looked most like a regular french fry. The girls loved them. To a kid, a fry's a fry and theres no way they're turning it down. However I thought they were a little bland; if I were to serve them to adults, I would spice them up and toss in some fresh garlic and seasonings!

Of all places, I was pleasantly surprised to find this product at Safeway! Peas of Mind carries other great healthy products as well, click here for website.

There are so many easy, affordable, tasty products out there for kids these days, there is no reason why your child should be eat cheetos and drinking koolaid. This is one of biggest pet peeves. Healthy eating habits start early, do your kids favor that will last a life time. 

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