Friday, December 30, 2011

new year, new spices!

New Year's resolutions, everyone has one. Among the most common: eating healthier, working out more, saving money. Statistically after the first 6 months, only 46% of people are actually upholding their resolutions. 

Last year, I decided to go with "eating healthier" and ditched gluten and dairy. I also wanted to try to buy more organic and local products. Overall, I think I've done pretty well (with the exception of a few food benders I went on):) I've tried a lot of new recipes, learned a lot about cooking, and expanded my 5 year old taste palette. 

At the beginning of 2011 I was looking around my kitchen and noticed that I've had the exact same spice rack since I moved to San Francisco, 4 years ago! So I decided to throw the entire thing away and start out fresh. I went to our local organic produce market and stocked up on the usuals: italian seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic, chili flakes, cinnamon, etc. Then throughout the year, I would collect different spices as they would come up in a recipe. My spice rack is above and beyond what it was in the beginning of the year, and this is definitely a part of my new years resolution that I've stuck with all year long. Hey at least when I sit down to a giant plate of nachos, it was cooked with organic taco seasoning! haha

simply organic

spicely organic
(these are my favorite, they have tons of varieties and offer deals through their website

spicely organic also makes a line of spices that come in little boxes, I put them in small mason jars and labeled them with chalkboard labels. love it!

and last but certainly not least, my new vintage inspired measuring spoons! so very excited about these! thanks Krissy!

have a happy and healthy new year! 


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