Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good...

If you know me, you know that I was beyond obsessed with those bright orange noodles in the blue box. Shapes, spirals, shells, whatever. I ate mac n cheese three times a week, maybe twice a day; my entire life. (my insides are probably stained orange) Growing up I always insisted on making it myself because only I can do it right, my mother will admit she is terrible at making Kraft mac n cheese. And yes, that was all I would eat as a picky child, absolutely no store brands (along with only eating circle Eggo waffles put back in a circle after being cut, I don't know why my mother put up with me...). Over the years I've branched out and tried the more natural brands like Annie's or Trader Joe's. Love it. Gourmet mac n cheese? Love it. Add truffle oil and chicken? Love it.
I love it all.

So when I decided to give up gluten and dairy I thought my love affair with mac n cheese was over. If you go to the pasta section of a health foods store they have a variety of gluten free mac n cheese options as well as a few dairy free. There is only one type that is gluten free and diary free. I have two boxes sitting in the cupboard and I just can't bring myself to eat it. It scares me. It's penne pasta and its a white-ish cheese. I've just convinced myself it can't be good, macaroni is a gluten product and cheese is dairy, you take out those things and it's just not right. So it sits there collecting dust and I'm sitting here with a piece of my soul missing...

Until my lovely sister and healthy eating partner in crime came across Wayfare dairy free foods and texted me the photo of their cheese spread they claim you can make mac n cheese with. I went on a mission to find it and was instantly attracted to that lovely orange color (no dyes or artificial stuff though). I picked up a bag of gluten free elbow macaroni and set off on my quest.

Gluten Free Dairy Free Baked Mac n Cheese:

  • one bag of gluten free macaroni (I used Bionature elbows, not my favorite after the fact)
  • Wayfare dairy free cheddar spread
While macaroni is cooking, toast two slices of gluten free bread. I used Udi's multigrain and toasted them twice since they were frozen and I wanted them extra crunchy. After toasted, cut into small pieces to make a chunky bread crumb topping. Toss with garlic, Italian seasoning, and olive oil. (this is a great bread crumb to use with other recipes as well)

After macaroni is cooked to desired texture, strain, and stir in Wayfare cheddar spread. I didn't add anything other than that, but I would suggest adding olive oil, water, or dairy free milk product because it gets dry after baking if you don't eat it right away. Last, put cheesey macaroni in a dish and cover with bread crumbs. 
Bake together at 375 until golden brown. 

My boyfriend came home and grabbed a plate and loved it, he had no idea it was gf df. I am really excited about this product and want to continue to try new recipes with it. 
Maybe bacon mac n cheese???

Find it at a store near you:

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