Saturday, November 5, 2011

RIP rainbow tube :(

Sadly this thing finally broke down and had to be replaced...

If you know me, you have probably seen me bust out this gadget and take a slew of pills. Most people ask what the heck I am taking and why. 
Well here you go...

Hyaluronic Acid
I take this stuff for anti aging. They use it in skin injections. Inside your body it binds to water creating a gelatinous fluid that hydrates the surrounding tissue and keeps the collagen (responsible for keeping the skin tight) nourished and healthy. As you age, your body loses it and skin begins to sag. So by taking it internally, I can insure my future cougar status. 

Rainbow Light Everyday Calcium:
Women generally need to take more calcium and given that I don't eat dairy, I'm probably lacking in my calcium intake. I like this brand because it's combined with magnesium, so it's easier to digest. I used to take an enzyme from this brand as well because (are you ready for this?) I'm not perfect. Yes, I slip up. To the extremes of eating 6 slices of papa johns or simply just a bagel when hungover (only 5 so far this year, yes I keep count) I need an enzyme to help digest the foods my body is sensitive to. This was a great find because not only does it have the calcium I need to take, but the enzymes as well. 

This stuff is great. It's used to: prevent premature aging, provide better physical fitness, relieve stress and hypertension (yes I'm kind of a stress case, shocker...I know), strong aphrodisiac and rejuvenator (wow did not know that), possess anti inflammatory property, promote restful sleep, reduce high cholesterol levels, enhance overall brain functions(I need that too lol!)and more...

Green Tea

Great antioxidant and supports cardiovascular and immune systems. I take 1-2 capsules around the girls naptime/after lunch to give me the extra boost of energy to get through the rest of my day. It's not proven but, green tea supplements also boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat.

Whole Foods OmegaForce 3-6-9 Complex:

I can't find an image of this one, but you can find it at any Whole Foods. It's a blend of 400 mg Organic Flaxseed Oil 400 mg Borage Seed Oil 400 mg Fish Oil (50% Omega-3). Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, which means is cannot be manufactured by our own body and therefore must be obtained through our diet alone. The thing is, most people’s diets contain an insufficient amount of omega 3.

Renew Life Probiotic
A daily maintenance probiotic formulated specifically for people aged 15 - 49, with the probiotic strains adults need for daily maintenance. Ultimate Flora Adult Formula contains 15 billion live cultures of 10 diff strains of bacteria. The 10 strains were carefully chosen for their proven health-promoting benefits and their prevalence in the healthy digestive tract. Sounds gross, I don't eat yogurt or other foods that contain these bacterias that your body needs, so this does wonders for my digestive system!

There you have it! Please people, I am in no way shape or form a doctor so don't go run out there and start popping these supplements. I'm simply just answering a question I get asked a lot. If any of these supplements sound like something you want to start taking, please consult your doctor first. 

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