Wednesday, November 16, 2011

turkey time!

So by now I'm sure you all have realized I have a laundry list of criteria for buying food. One of the major ones is buying LOCAL. 

Since we're two weeks into November I'm sure most of you are nailing down your thanksgiving menu and stocking up on supplies. Now for the biggest and most important question of all:

Of course, I did a little turkey research. 

Up in San Francisco, both Whole Foods and my favorite little local organic grocery Noriega Produce, are stocking turkeys from Diestel Farms in Sonora, California; just out past Stockton, about a 2-3 hour drive from me. 

Because many of my blog viewers are also from my hometown of good ol' Escondido/San Diego area, I found some local turkeys for you all too! I searched the Whole Foods of Encinitas website and they are selling turkeys from Mary's Organic Farms in the San Joaquin Valley. I like this company a lot and buy my chicken from them! I also suggest going to your local butcher shop and asking where they get their turkeys from because it's most likely a local buy. If you find a better/closer option than Mary's please let me know!

Take a look at the two photos above. Now I searched for photos of major turkey supplier's farms (like Jennie O) and I can't seem to find them. Most likely because they're dark indoor, depressing facilities filled to the brim with turkeys that all look exactly alike. I also can't seem to find exactly where their farm is located, best I can tell is Wisconsin?

Here's a link to a video of Jennie O's story.

I hope you take this post into consideration when making your turkey purchase this year. Whatever you decide, I beg you not to buy that $5 turkey Safeway is advertising.

...if you get what you pay for 
and you are what you eat,

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