Sunday, September 18, 2011

what's in your scramble?

After a few "food chats" I had with people about breakfast, I decided something had to be done. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right?! Like almost everything I do, I needed to research first and provide the background information. 

Originally, I wanted to do another top 5 list, this time with breakfast options. I wanted to start with eggs as #1. But I realized that most people probably don't even understand the labeling of eggs and what words like "cage free" "organic" or "grade AA" mean. I have always been really freaked out by eggs until I took gluten out of my diet and began eating more protein (more on that later). I decided to buy the organic, cage free, omega 3 eggs thinking that if they had all the above they must be the best. Wrong. 

Here is another blog I'm passing along that describes what the labels mean and what kind of eggs you should be looking for. Guess I'm taking a trip to the farmer's market...

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